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About Ilkley Pilates

All classes at Ilkley Pilates are taught by me, Cherry.  I love Pilates and enjoy teaching it to people who are keen to improve their health and enjoy themselves at the same time.  Here is a bit more about me:

How did I discover Pilates?

On the recommendation of an NHS physio to help relieve the symptoms of a bulging lower back disc.

How long have I been practising Pilates?

Since 2003.

Do I have any Pilates qualifications?

Yes, I have a CYQ Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates.  I also have a first aid certificate and public liability insurance.

Why I love Pilates

Because I no longer suffer a bad back; I’m stronger and more flexible; and Pilates makes me feel taller, (which is important when you’re only 5 foot 1 and a half!)

Favourite Pilates move and why

Shoulder Bridge because it feels great to move my spine with fluidity and flexibilty whilst also giving my glutes a good workout.

Least favourite Pilates move and why

The Teaser because it’s hard – I need to practice more.

Favourite places

Swaledale and Filey (both in Yorkshire, of course.)

Favourite animal

Sloth – what could be better than moving slowly through trees in the sun?

Most overrated job I’ve ever had


Hardest job I’ve ever had

Child rearing (of two argumentative young daughters.)

Best job I’ve ever had

Teaching Pilates to lovely people.


For everyone to love Pilates as much as I do!

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