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Do you feel as light as a feather or as stiff as a board?

If you’d like to get rid of your aches and pains, sit up straighter, walk taller, balance better and feel stronger, (at the same time as having some fun), then Ilkley Pilates is for you.
Pilates can benefit everyone and anyone.  So whether you’re:

  • a sufferer of back pain whose doctor or physio has advised you to take up Pilates;
  • a desk-based worker wanting to counter-act long hours sat in front of a computer;
  • a senior person wanting to improve your mobility and balance;
  • a fitness enthusiast looking for ways to prevent injury and improve performance; or
  • a parent of young children wanting an hour of calm to just concentrate on yourself,
get in touch with Cherry today to book a free taster class.

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